• 29 AUG 17

    9 Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Management Software

    There’s no escaping that we live in a data-centric world where effective data management is key to survival.

    Product inspection systems generate a vast amount of critical data but consolidating such data needn’t be laborious.

    By providing seamless integration of product inspection devices, monitoring and data management software can facilitate quality assurance, increase productivity and provide process transparency. Hurrah!

    The latest evolution of Mettler Toledo’s data management solution ProdX Inspect V2.1 supports the newest product inspection devices and features with the following 9 key enhancements:

    1. Supports new C-Series Checkweighers and C1200 Checkweigher – the latest checkweighers can be connected to V2.1 and all previous functions and features of the X-Series are also supported.
    2. Extends OPC UA Server – optional OPC UA server has been extended to allow product and batch changeovers or trigger a final evaluation for all product inspection devices in a line from another system like a manufacturing execution system MES.
    3. Supports new metal detector features – if a metal detector’s equipped with Auto Test System (ATS), the performance test results are logged and can be distinguished from other performance tests results. ProdX V2.1 automatically logs tamper-proof standard PVR or ATS performance tests, including test material, test results, and signal strength, reducing test time and increasing production line availability. In addition, the latest software allows Reduced Test ‘RT’ mode to be remotely monitored and will send an alert, either as an email or text message, if RT mode becomes inactive, increasing productivity without reducing food safety margins.
    4. Introduces checkweigher hourly giveaway chart – the accumulated giveaway for each production hour can be monitored and configured to either weight, percentage or pieces.
    5. Allows report templates for checkweigher approval tests to be printed – checkweigher approval tests are already logged in ProdX, however the addition of a report template allows results to be printed for audit purposes.
    6. Monitors device communication – if communication with a device is interrupted for more than one minute, an alert will be generated to prevent data loss.
    7. Sends alerts on contamination rejects from x-ray – when an x-ray system rejects a contaminated product, an alert can be generated, allowing action to be taken.
    8. Adds additional filters for event list – two additional check boxes to filter PackML state changes and feedback control events have been added to the event filter pane to make searching for more relevant events less cumbersome.
    9. Populates zone limits automatically – when creating new products with EU +/- tolerance system, zone limits will be automatically populated with the same values as the tolerance limits to simplify creating new products.

    Don’t let data give you a headache – update your existing data management software today and reap the benefits of ProdX 2.1!

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