• 31 JUL 18

    First Exhibition and Training Center in Saudi Arabia for METTLER TOLEDO

    METTLER TOLEDO has opened the doors of its first training center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Anasia is the partner of MT in this initiative. The company has invested in the creation of a nearly 1500sqm demo center to demonstrate their confidence in METTLER TOLEDO solutions. The center includes both a demo and a training area with a total size of 196sqm for Product Inspection equipment.

    The heart of the new exhibition center is the showroom which contains a conveyor roundabout with integrated Product Inspection equipment. Systems include one x-ray inspection system, two metal detectors and one checkweigher. All of the equipment is linked to the ProdX data management software through a PC terminal workstation. All systems can be fully brought to life, showing the performance of modern quality assurance technologies.

    Anasia intends to grow METTLER TOLEDO service support and equipment sales by offering their existing and prospective customers an opportunity for hands-on experience with the equipment. Visitors can conduct product testing and benefit from seminars, presentations and a variety of other events in the new exhibition center.  State-of-the-art multimedia equipment such as WebEx, wi-fi connection, video beamers and digital whiteboards offer the optimum combination of possibilities for communicating theory and practical experience in one building without the need for manufacturers in the region to travel long distances.

    The new exhibition center offers opportunities not only for existing and prospective customers but also for internal use. Sales and service training can be conducted in the center and there is also a pre-sales testing area, allowing product inspection equipment to be thoroughly tested with customer product samples.

    Frank Borrmann, Market Manager at METTLER TOLEDO Garvens, has already had the chance to take a look at the new exhibition center and held a sales training seminar in the new building. “I’m very impressed with the huge investment of our partner Anasia in building such an amazing METTLER TOLEDO demo center. It was an honor for me to hold the first checkweighing sales training for Anasia staff in the new building”, he says.

    We wish Anasia the best of success with the new demo center!

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