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    How Secure are your Packaged Products?

    A secure packaged product should contain several attributes – some visible to the human eye, some not:

    • Intact tamper-proof seal – buyers can rest assured that the product has not been interfered with.
    • Legible, unique barcode or markings – protects consumers from inferior, fake products and provides track and trace capabilities for manufacturers and suppliers.
    • Secure lid presence – provides confidence that the product has retained the correct quality and sterility, plus has not been subject to tampering.
    • An accurate label – delivers trust in the product that the ingredients and dosage amounts will not harm the recipient.
    • Correct branding – assures buyers that the product is not counterfeit.

    Security Needs & Verification Solutions:

    Security Needs: Check for the presence of secure tamper-evident seals and/or labels

    Solution: Vision Inspection

    How It Works: The technology checks for the presence and integrity of all anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof bands. For additional security, unique numbers may be printed on the seal which are also verified.

    Security Needs: Reading serialization numbers, barcodes and/or additional codes

    Solution: Vision Inspection & Serialization Systems

    How It Works: Vision technology verifies that the individual codes and/or marks are correct, readable and printed accurately. Serialization systems offer in-line marking and verification for package traceability within one machine.

    Security Needs: Checking closure are fitted properly aligned

    Solution: Vision Inspection and X-ray Technology

    How It Works: Both technologies inspect the presence of caps and closures in real time, at high production speeds. Any non-conforming packaged products are rejected for further investigation. Vision inspection systems can also verify linear placements and seals.

    Security Needs: Verifying accurate label contents including allergen declarations and dosage amounts

    Solution: Vision Inspection

    How It Works: The technology checks the content and positioning of all labels at high production speeds. It inspects the validity of numbers and their print quality. The software can compensate for the distortion of print due to movements of products travelling on fast conveyor belts.

    Security Needs: The product is as advertised and contains the correct dosage within each section or pack, for example blister packs, ready meals and infant formula.

    Solution: Checkweighing, Vision Inspection, X-ray Technology

    How It Works: In-line checkweighers accurately weigh each package in real time. Both vision inspection and x-ray technology verify all components are present, oriented and positioned correctly. X-ray systems also perform gross and zone mass measurement checks and will reject any packaged products outside of a specified weight range.

    To enhance operational efficiencies and accommodate production facility constraints, checkweighing technology can combine with vision inspection and/or x-ray inspection within one machine.

    Security Needs: All packaging accurately displays the brand

    Solution: Vision Inspection

    How It Works: As part of inspecting each label, vision inspection technology can also verify the correct use of branding colors on the outer packaging.


    A secure packaged product can act as a deterrent to criminals. However, for full protection, manufacturers should ensure that all quality control measures are monitored and recorded in real time.

    Data management software records all quality control inspections from cap/lid presence to verification activities including label and bar code accuracy. The software monitors individual machines to networking multiple product inspection devices. Track and trace software can be integrated across multiple production lines or facilities to provide complete management of the serialization process.

    The information should be securely stored yet easily retrievable in the event of a security breach or product recall wherein products may need to be quickly traced and retrieved. Proving that every product leaving the manufacturing facility is secure has multiple benefits for manufacturers:

    • Meets consumer safety regulations.
    • Complies with retailer and industry Best Practice guidelines.
    • Protects brands.
    • Maintains profits.
    • Provides full transparency to suppliers and authorities that all quality control measures have been diligently completed.
    • Helps increase traceability throughout the supply chain.
    • Safeguards consumers against ineffective drugs or harmful ingredients.

    For more information about how product inspection technologies can verify the security of your pharmaceutical products, click here. For food products, click here.

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