• 24 JUL 18

    Using Vision Inspection for Operational Efficiency

    With increased focus on achieving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), food and beverage manufacturers want to ensure the efficiency of their production facilities is on par with their competition. By operating a lean manufacturing plant, contract packagers can remain profitable in today’s competitive landscape. Purchasing product inspection equipment can be a significant investment, and one worth researching to ensure adequate return on investment (ROI).

    Regardless of where issues arise in the supply chain, it will ultimately affect a brand if it reaches consumers. Keeping your products pristine is key to maintaining your brand value in the minds of consumers. But this isn’t the only advantage to consistent packaging and labeling – incorrectly labeled products will cost you money in rework by production staff, distribution costs to retrieve or scrap distributed products, fees imposed by retailers, or government penalties.

    For a quick view of sample cost savings, download the infographic which shows areas of savings: Label errors, scrap costs, and retailer penalties. This example demonstrates the impact a vision system can have on mitigating costs associated with packaging errors.

    We have designed an ROI calculator to see how much money is saved by installing a METTLER TOLEDO Vision Inspection System. This simple calculator demonstrates example production facilities and allows manufacturers to input their own data to see the potential savings. Understanding where in the supply chain you may be able to impact your costs will help to see how a vision inspection system can help you.

    For a thorough review of the advantages of the operational efficiencies vision inspection has to offer, you can download our latest brochure: Vision Systems: Improved Production Efficiencies

    To see the latest video created about ROI, look no further…

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