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    • 22 AUG 17

    Product Inspection Equipment Provides Flexibility to Meet Customer Specifications

    As Canada’s largest independent co-packer of dry powder goods, Rex Pak’s number one priority is ensuring customers’ specifications are satisfied so that their end customers receive the safest, highest-quality finished products.

    To keep brand owners happy and enable Rex Pak to respond quickly to new trends, the company has invested heavily in Mettler-Toledo equipment at its 100,000 square-foot production facility in Ontario.

    In addition to Laboratory and Checkweighing equipment, recent purchases include three x-ray inspection systems – an X33 and two X36 models.

    Watch the short video below to see the equipment in operation at the company’s plant.

    X-ray Inspection Provides Safety and Quality Assurance

    Rex Pak opted for the X33 due to its very low total cost of ownership and uses the system for finished product inspection of filled, sealed and weighed bags. Utilizing high sensitivity detector technology and a 20W x-ray generator, the x-ray system offers outstanding contamination detection whilst reducing operating power.

    In addition, the X36 is used to inspect larger products and is suited at handling multiple product types and changes, providing flexibility which is paramount to enable the co-packer to accommodate customer requests.

    “We’re very happy with our x-ray systems, they’re very reliable and the data they provide us with goes a long way to fortifying our formal product safety quality control procedures,” explains Mr Sabatini, Vice President of Manufacturing.

    Citing ‘quality’ as the company’s first cornerstone value (flexibility, customer satisfaction and efficiency are the remaining three if you’re wondering), Rex Pak places a lot of faith in its many product inspection systems which have been installed throughout the plant’s 30 production lines, as well as in the quality assurance laboratory.

    On the busy production floor, for example, each of the lines are equipped with both two Checkweighers, one to weigh pouch fills, and the second at the end of the line to weigh the total weight of each finished packed product.

    “All our Mettler-Toledo equipment, from the Checkweighing systems, and our new X-ray and Laboratory equipment, provides both the customer and us with complete peace of mind that only  safe food is going to go out in the market.”

    Learn more about Safeline X-ray’s X33 and X36 models today!

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