• 22 OCT 15

    Quality Assurance Guaranteed with X-ray Inspection

    X-ray Inspection Sees What You Can’t See


    Food processors have been relying on food x-ray inspection equipment for contamination detection for decades. However, did you know that x-ray detection systems are capable of doing much more than just detecting physical contaminants? Modern x-ray systems are also quality assurance systems.

    In a single pass at high line speeds, an x-ray inspection machine can simultaneously perform a wide variety of in-line food quality checks, such as;

    • Measuring product length, width, area, volume and mass
    • Counting components
    • Checking fill levels
    • Identifying missing or broken products
    • Inspecting seal quality and
    • Checking for damaged product and packaging.


    Image 1 shows void in burger patty 5mm

    By identifying products that don’t look right, even if they’re the correct weight, in the correct position, and contaminant free, food x-ray inspection equipment is indispensable for manufacturers of products that depend on visual appeal. Image 1 shows one of the three meat patties has a hole in it, which shows up as a light patch amid the uniform grey.

    The quality control issue in the garlic baguette in Image 2, shows the potential underfilling of garlic butter in each slot caused by the butter injection machine blocking up or running out of butter. Since x-ray detection systems can see the individual blobs of butter, they can analyse each zone separately and check that the surface area or volume in each zone meets a preset standard. If it doesn’t, products will be rejected from the line.

    Image 2 shows two garlic baguettes with one low-fill

    Furthermore, x-ray inspection machines are simultaneously capable of looking inside final sealed packaging to check that all products or components are present, such as cheese cubes or sausages in a tray or pralines in a gift box.

    No Shocks or Surprises

    By providing food quality checks, x-ray inspection is a highly-effective tool for keeping customers happy. Food that successfully passes x-ray inspection contains no shocks, surprises or disappointments and, as consumers, this means we can be assured that the products we purchase will not only be safe, but look and perform exactly as we expect them too.

    For more information why not download our White Paper – X-ray, more than just contamination detection by clicking here

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