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    Food Safety in Practice – NZIFST Conference 2018

    What is the NZIFST Conference?

    The New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST) holds an annual conference that brings together distinguished subject matter experts in the food industry to share their vast knowledge, experience and ideas about the advancement of Food Science and Technology.

    This three-day event includes a series of seminars, workshops and presentations that discusses successful food technology strategies surrounding the processing and distribution of foods.

    Topics include:

    • Trusting our food sources
    • Food safety and contaminants
    • Food safety in practice
    • Processing and technology
    • How new technology impacts on the food industry
    • Labelling basics
    • Packaging and export

    This year’s event takes place 3rd – 5th July at Distinction Hotel, Te Rapa, Hamilton in New Zealand.

    Helping New Zealand Manufacturers Achieve Compliance

    Robert Rogers is a Senior Advisor in Food Safety and Regulation within METTLER TOLEDO’s Product Inspection division and is a regular guest blogger for us. Having worked for METTLER TOLEDO for over 20 years, Robert has gained experience by excelling in a range of positions including field service, training and product testing. In his current role, Robert provides subject matter expertise in physical contamination detection and prevention strategies. He also assists in the development of food safety management programs, focusing on foreign body prevention and other product integrity and safety programs.

    Robert will be a guest speaker at this year’s NZIFST Conference, speaking on the topic of ‘Achieving Compliance Through Foreign Object Detection.’ Robert will provide tips and guidance to New Zealand food manufacturers on how they can increase food safety and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

    With his extensive practical knowledge on food safety in practice, Robert will share his insights on topics including:

    • Consumer behavior
    • Industry requirements
    • Implications of physical contamination
    • The state of recalls today
    • Solutions to address foreign body contamination

    To register for Robert’s session and attend a range of other food safety seminars, visit www.nzifst.co.nz.

    Why Food Safety in Practice?

    Now, more than ever, food manufacturers are under pressure from customers and regulators to ensure the quality and safety of their products. As compliance with Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) standards states the practice of specific food handling controls, New Zealand manufacturers need to have a predetermined food safety program in place. As the subject matter expert in the prevention of foreign object contamination and food safety Robert Rogers, on behalf of METTLER TOLEDO, can assist New Zealand manufacturers with best practice guidance on how to develop a food safety program to suit their requirements.

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