• Jordan Brophy
    • 18 APR 17

    Our Award-winning Apprentice

    At Mettler-Toledo, our apprenticeship programme combines hands-on and theoretical experience, giving budding engineers the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the processes involved in manufacturing our innovative product inspection solutions for the food and pharmaceut
    ical industries.

    One of our apprentices, Jordan Brophy, was recently named runner-up for the Outstanding Final Year Apprentice Award at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards. 25-year-old Jordan received a silver medal after impressing judges with his excellent balance of technical skills and product knowledge. Jordan shares his story…

    Jordan Brophy – Technical Engineer

    “I became an apprentice at Mettler-Toledo Safeline in September 2012. I felt excited on my first day and started alongside three others – two mechanical engineering apprentices and an electrical/electronic engineering apprentice (this was also my specialisation). Everybody was friendly and we got on really well.

    I’d always wanted to be an apprentice; I see apprenticeships as the perfect opportunity to gain qualifications while practically learning about the job and getting paid. I’m fascinated by pioneers of engineering, especially electrical engineers, and I sought after an apprenticeship which would give me greater insight into this.

    Safeline’s apprenticeship scheme consists of a departmental rotation where apprentices have allocated time periods in each section. I started with a month in stores, (Goods-in) before moving onto former wiring and then through each process of the metal detection build, all the way through to final test where the metal detectors are tested to ensure they adhere to Safeline’s specifications.

    Build and Testing Procedures

    Once I was competent in the build and testing procedures of the rectangular and remote metal detectors, I moved onto the more technical departments, such as electronics repair, service line, research and development (R&D), manufacturing engineering, quality and systems.

    On starting my apprenticeship, I was enrolled onto a level 3 diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, I also started working towards a level 2 and 3 NVQ in electrical and electronic engineering. Following the completion of my level 3 diploma at college, I was also enrolled onto a level 4 and 5 HNC course in electrical and electronic engineering.

    Few initial skills are required to become an apprentice as the apprentice’s skill set is built upon during the apprenticeship, but showing determination, willingness and commitment is vital. The experience was a massive opportunity to learn, ask lots of questions and become a technical specialist in metal detection and electronic engineering. My tips for new apprentices are to ask why a process is done a certain way and harness the wealth of experience around them.

    Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

    The apprenticeship was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. The practical skills and theoretical knowledge I gained over the four years helped me obtain my current job role as Technical Engineer in R&D at Mettler-Toledo Safeline.

    Eventually I’d like to design printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the electronic systems and work on new products with new technology. I’d also like to invent and/or obtain patents, and I aspire to contribute to the innovation and engineering of the company, whether that’s integrating existing technology to improve our processes or innovating new designs and ideas.

    I’m proud to have received this award. It’s a brilliant way to end what’s been a fantastic few years as an apprentice at Safeline where my potential’s not only been developed as an apprentice but as a person too!”

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