• David Blythe
    • 05 SEP 17

    Outstanding Service is Key to Safeline’s Global Success

    Did you know Safeline has more than 100,000 metal detectors installed worldwide?

    Our customers are our greatest asset and to enable us to respond quickly to their needs, we have more than 450 highly-skilled engineers globally. From installation and preventive maintenance to start-up services and equipment repair, our dedicated technicians are committed to supporting and servicing equipment throughout its entire life cycle to ensure reliable performance and optimum uptime.

    David Blythe, Head of Service at Safeline Metal Detection, has worked for Mettler-Toledo for 23 years. In this spotlight interview, David describes the challenges involved in training engineers worldwide, how the company takes customer complaints very seriously, why providing excellent after-sales service is so important and how offering first-rate care gives us an edge over our competitors.

    Click here to find out more about Safeline’s service offerings which include training, test samples, upgrades, spare part kits and more.

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