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    Making Pharmaceuticals

    What is the Making Pharmaceuticals Exhibition & Conference?

    The event brings together key decision makers and innovators involved in the successful development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. From subject matter experts through to multinational corporations, the two-day event features a series of technical conference sessions and exhibitor presentations addressing current regulatory and manufacturing issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry. Topics under discussion include a keynote speech on regulatory futures, product labelling compliance, serialization and successful program implementation, plus the latest updates on the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.

    Why is Product Inspection Important to the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Pharmaceutical companies spend millions researching and developing their products, seeking a competitive advantage and strengthening their market position. Further to this, the industry is heavily regulated and is subject to compliance obligations under European and Global regulatory bodies. Product Inspection solutions offer manufacturers a means to maintain product quality by ensuring contaminated or non-compliant products don’t reach pharmacy or retailer shelves, causing costly recalls or damaged brand reputation.

    How can Product Inspection Support the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Product inspection technology can be installed at multiple points in the production process from the checking of incoming raw materials through to in-process inspection and on to the final inspection of packs at the end of the production line.

    Some typical applications include the following:

    • Metal detectors are used to detect small metal contaminants in pressed tablets or powders
    • X-ray inspection can be used to detect a number of contaminants including glass, metal and dense plastics, as well as detecting missing components and conducting end-of-line package integrity checks
    • Checkweighers are used to detect under or over weight products. For example, a checkweigher will be able to detect if a product is missing any of its components such as a blister pack of tablets or a folded instruction leaflet
    • Serialization & Track & Trace  inspection devices are able to print and verify codes, apply tamper evident seals, check labelling quality and manage serialization data for traceability and protection against counterfeiting.

    Serialization and Aggregation is a hot topic under the upcoming EU Falsified Medicines Directive. Keep an eye out for the up and coming blog post “The March of Serialization Continues”

    To register to the FREE event please visit: www.makingpharma.com

    Author: Jonny Leeson, Market Manager at Mettler Toledo.


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