• 28 NOV 17

    Future-proof Your Packaging Line with a Flexible Checkweigher

    In last week’s Q&A blog, Frank Borrmann, Market Manager at Mettler-Toledo Garvens, explained how our new family of C-Series dynamic checkweighers can help the packaging industry address future competitive demands today. Designed with the requirements of Industry 4.0 environments in mind, the checkweighers’ greatest strength lies in their ability to optimize flexibility.

    If you were one of over 170,500 visitors at Interpack 2017, chances are you may have seen us unveil the C-Series. If not, watch this two-minute video to see the C35 AdvancedLine in full swing and listen as Mr Borrmann summarizes the system’s many features and benefits.

    C35 checkweighers cover a weighing range from 3 g to 10 kg and combine throughput rates of up to 600 packs per minute with the highest degree of weighing accuracy. They can be customized with a range of transport, conveyor belt and ejection options, making them adaptable to manufacturers’ specific needs. In addition, systems can be integrated with metal detection, vision and x-ray inspection technology to form a compact and space-saving combination system. Clever hey?

    To find out more about the C35 AdvancedLine or any of the other checkweighers in the C-Series, click here.

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