• 18 SEP 18

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    Consumer influence is greater than ever; customers are increasingly looking to buy brands with a commitment to food safety; however should a product recall occur, trust can quickly erode.

    A consumer survey found that within 6-12 months of a recall, 64% would probably not buy the same brand again, although 66% would forgive a brand that they trusted on food safety . Food manufacturers and brand owners need to do all they can to avoid product recalls, and its subsequent repercussions. This can only be achieved by ensuring that food products are free from physical contaminants and providing transparency about quality assurance processes.

    To give manufacturers and brand owners the information they need to achieve food safety, Robert Rogers, Senior Advisor for Food Safety & Regulations will be presenting a Food Safety MasterClass webinar on 3rd October 2018. The interactive session will include surveys and a question and answer session. Topics are:

    • The perils of physical contamination
    • The difficult types of physical contamination
    • The importance of zero contamination
    • The 6 steps to preventing physical contamination
    • How the top food safety trends impact manufacturers.

    Join us on 3rd October at 3.00pm (BST / GMT+1) to find out more:

    For further information about Ensuring Food Safety, please download our free white paper.

    1. http://www.gmaonline.org/uploadFiles/1CDE3400000123.filename.Deloitte_-_Food_Safety.pdf
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