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    To verify the quality and reliability of its generators and give food and pharmaceutical manufacturers additional confidence that their investment is fully protected, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray is offering an industry-first, five-year generator warranty with all X-Series systems purchased with a Standard or Comprehensive Care Package*.

    X-ray technology has become critical in providing product safety and quality assurance worldwide. To ensure continuous productivity and accurate, consistent results are achieved, regular maintenance, performance testing and replacement parts are essential.

    The x-ray generator is not only the ‘heart’ of the system but also the most expensive component, which is why service contracts are so important. Mettler-Toledo generators typically come with 30 months’ warranty. However, by purchasing a Standard or Comprehensive Care Package with any x-ray system from the X-Series range, customers can benefit from an extended warranty period, which covers labour and annual performance verification tests.


    Services supporting customers

    Mettler-Toledo offers three Care Packages:

    • Basic Care
    • Standard Care
    • Comprehensive Care.

    All three packages include:

    1. Preventive maintenance covering the periodic cleaning and inspection of all mechanical components, testing and inspection of electronic components and inspection for wear and damage.
    2. Equipment operational testing performed to identify and diagnose equipment problems and to confirm repair measures have been effective. This also supports compliance with GFSI standards.
    3. Full radiation survey to ensure operational safety.

    In addition, Standard Care safeguards against unexpected repair labour costs and includes access to a technical hotline, providing fast and efficient help for operational and set-up problems.

    Comprehensive Care provides full budget control by including both repair labour and replacement part costs.

    Operator Using System

    The five-year generator warranty combined with a Mettler Toledo Standard or Comprehensive Care Package is designed to help manufacturers:

    • Increase output by enhancing uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Identify process defects early to avoid unexpected breakdown
    • Avoid costly downtime and repairs by ensuring equipment operates at peak performance
    • Meet compliance and regulatory demands
    • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through increased reliability and extended system life.

    *Five-year warranty is not available with the Basic Care Package.

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