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    Five Reasons to Invest in a Fully Integrated Metal Detection Solution

    The design of both a conveyor and the automatic reject device will have a major impact on the effectiveness of a metal detection program for food and non-food manufacturers. Purchasing an integrated metal detection solution ensures equipment performance is maximized and false rejects are reduced, without compromising on sensitivity.

    Conveyorized metal detectors provide flexible, integrated handling solutions capable of operating in almost any working environment. Whether the product is wet or dry, chilled or frozen, loose or packed, there are a range of metal detection conveyor systems available to resolve even the most challenging product applications.

    Supplementing the metal detection system with electronic data collection software takes it one step further to ensure manufacturers have a fully integrated process solution that enhances compliance and increases production efficiency.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a metal detection solution, here are five reasons why an integrated conveyorized solution from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is worth the investment.

    #1 Tailored solutions for specific applications

    Each system is tailored to suit specific production needs, from light to heavy-duty food or non-food applications, and can be integrated with a range of tunnel metal detectors. Manufacturers can choose from compact solutions for small spaces with the Series 30 conveyor, right through to the Series 200 conveyor, which is designed specifically for bulk product inspection.

    The newest addition to our portfolio is the Series 90 – a wide retracting band system designed specifically for inspecting light to medium weight, multi-lane or randomly presented bakery and confectionery products and packs.

    A design service is also available to develop bespoke solutions tailored to more demanding applications.

    #2 Enhanced features to increase productivity

    Safeline conveyorized systems have a number of enhanced features to provide flexible solutions suited to the application on the production line. Each system uses a reject device. Solutions start with simple ‘stop-on-detection’ systems. Productivity can be enhanced through the use of fully-automated detect-and-reject systems, including pushers and air blast devices for light to medium-weight products, through to overhead sweep and diverter arms for heavier products.

    You can read more about how to choose the right reject mechanism in the free white paper: How to Choose the Right Reject System.

    On dry product applications use of innovative Reduced Test mode technology allows for a significant reduction in the frequency of routine monitoring tests (subject to the quarantine period), leading to increased production uptime.

    Built-in performance monitoring test routines offering step-by-step guidance when conducting tests such as the large metal test, consecutive pack test and memory test, enable routine verification processes to be conducted more efficiently to minimize downtime.

    #3 Compliance made easier

    To meet the strictest food safety standards and retailer codes of practice, and ensure contaminated products are effectively removed from the production line, failsafe system options and other due diligence features are available. These checks and balances for key sensors, as well as security features such as locakable reject bins and guards, increase users’ peace of mind and further reduce the risk of a product recalls.. A choice of finishes and sealing standards are also available to suit the working environment and enable effective cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of biological contamination.

    #4 Robust design and safe operation

    To protect operators during production and support safe maintenance practices, attention must be paid to every detail of the conveyorized system design. Safeline’s conveyor systems include guards manufactured from clear, shatter-proof material without sharp edges, a safety valve fitted as standard on all pneumatics and guarded in-feed and out-feed rollers which remove the risk of finger traps.

    Our systems are designed to worker health and safety standards including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, are built to robust construction standards, and are manufactured in line with the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) principles. Systems can be supplied with a detailed risk assessment to ensure manufacturers fully comply with these safety standards.

    #5 Complete data control

    All Safeline metal detection systems are compatible our ProdX software which collects and manages data from METTLER TOLEDO product inspection devices. ProdX maximizes quality control programmes by allowing manufacturers to easily create data reports to support retail audits and compliance requirements. The software automatically collects critical inspection process data in one convenient location, significantly reducing the need to interact directly with critical control points (CCPs) and reducing administrative efforts when compiling reports for audits.

    For more information, visit our full range of metal detection conveyor systems.

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