• Interpack
    • 10 MAY 17

    Day Seven at Interpack

    It’s the final day of interpack! Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your specific product inspection needs face-to-face with our experts, and discover more about the latest enhancements to our Safeline Profile Throat and Gravity Fall metal detection systems.

    Innovations include:

    1. Reduced Test (RT) mode which offers a significant reduction in the frequency of metal detector testing,
    2. Auto Test System (ATS) which decreases the time taken to conduct performance monitoring tests by up to 83% – from 3-5 minutes per line, to under 30 seconds per line – impressive hey?
    3. eDrive which enhances metal detection sensitivity by up to 50%, and
    4. Emulation which enables operators to control the latest detectors from networked devices and provides easier access to data records.

    Watch the short video and see Mike Bradley, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Mettler Toledo Safeline Ltd, as he explains how the above features are designed to help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers improve productivity, reduce operational costs, protect brand reputations and enhance overall product quality.

    Hurry along to our booth (B55 in Hall 11) now to find out more!

    Today’s Talk

    At 10.30am, Eric Hinzpeter, Technical Project Manager at IFS Management GmbH, will be discussing the safety and quality standards IFS PACsecure for packaging materials and IFS Food for food products. Eric will describe how both manufacturers of packaging materials and food products can benefit from the risk-based approach of the IFS.

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