• 26 JUL 16

    Discover the Secret to Easy Product Inspection Management!

    Think gathering data from product inspection systems is time consuming and complicated? It needn’t be!

    Data management software is available that provides seamless integration of product inspection devices, making processes more streamlined, efficient and accessible.

    Such software can be fully integrated with product inspection equipment and provides:

    • Full traceability of production
    • Real-time monitoring to ensure processes are under control at each critical control point (CCP)
    • Support in meeting compliance with industry standards, including latest performance test requirements from retailers
    • Data collection and records to prove due diligence has been exercised
    • Reminders when performance testing is overdue
    • Alerts if alarms or warnings occur on the specified line/s
    • Records of any parameter changes made to the product inspection system and operator activities during the production cycle
    • Storage and tracking of rejected products
    • Easy data exportation

    One such data management solution is ProdX from Mettler Toledo. By allowing managers to control the entire product inspection management process from a single point or from multiple remote locations, ProdX makes manual collection of data from CCPs a thing of the past.

    Watch this three minute video below to discover more about ProdX and what it could do for you!

    But don’t just take our word for it!

    The Czech Republic’s leading manufacturer of desserts MIKO International s.r.o invested in a fully-integrated ProdX and x-ray inspection solution from Mettler Toledo to help the company meet the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety’s requirements as Technical Director Ing. Jan Kutáč explains, “We’re in the process of preparing for the BRC which means we have several requirements to fulfil and we knew ProdX would be critical in helping us meet these by improving our quality control and providing the documented evidence required for due diligence.”

    ProdX allows MIKO to collect data about the mass of each cake, as well as differentiate cakes rejected from the x-ray system as a result of contamination from those rejected due to missing oxygen absorbers. By enabling the company to monitor the performance of its x-ray system from multiple locations in real time, ProdX also provides reassurance that the system is working to the required sensitivity and has helped MIKO identify trends and instigate preventive action where necessary.

    Click here to discover more about ProdX.

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