• 29 SEP 15

    X-ray Systems within the Food Industry

    If you’ve ever had a bone or dental x-ray, you’ll know x-rays are regularly used in the medical world to see what’s happening inside our bodies. You’ll probably be aware they’re also used in security applications to look inside baggage and parcels.

    Does your morning ritual include sipping bleary-eyed on a cup of tea or coffee and guzzling a bowl of cereal. Perhaps you like to eat a doughnut mid morning, before polishing off a cheese sandwich? Maybe tonight’s dinner will consist of a ready meal, followed by a tub of ice cream? And how often do you raid the biscuit tin before bed.

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    • 22 SEP 15

    New Industry Leading Food X-ray Blog

    The must-have resource to find out more about x-ray inspection of food!

    As the world leader in product inspection we’re excited to launch our brand-new x-ray inspection blog. Subscribe today and we’ll bring all the latest industry news and updates directly to you every Tuesday.

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