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    How to Calculate the OEE of Product Inspection Equipment

    Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a universally-accepted measure of production line performance. It expresses the actual output of a production line as a percentage of its maximum potential output.

    Improving OEE is the big driver of operational efficiencies within the food manufacturing sector and supporting customers in their efforts to improve OEE is a priority for product inspection equipment manufacturers.

    To get to the heart of OEE, it’s important to understand the three components of OEE which are:

    1. Availability
    2. Performance and
    3. Quality


    Availability involves production downtime. It’s the operating time expressed as a percentage of planned production time. Planned production time is the time that’s available for production after deducting planned breaks (for meals, maintenance and cleaning) from the total factory production time.


    Performance involves loss of production speed. It’s the line speed or run rate (number of pieces produced each minute) expressed as a percentage of the ideal line speed or run rate (number of pieces that should be produced each minute).


    Quality deals with failures to meet production standards. It’s the number of good, saleable pieces expressed as a percentage of the total number of pieces made.

    Combining all three components will give you the OEE of your production line.

    OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality

    Improving OEE Can Be a Challenge

    Although the maths behind OEE is straightforward, improving OEE can be tricky. World-class OEE is about 82%¹, yet the average for manufacturing companies is around 60%. There’s a yawning gap between what’s possible and what businesses achieve.

    OEE is a good general guide to operational performance, but it shouldn’t be followed blindly. That’s because improvements to one aspect of production can sometimes have negative effects on other aspects. For example, increased line speeds can lead to more substandard product.

    There’s a balance to be struck between the positive and negative effects of change. OEE is a good indicator of overall performance but not the only measure. The devil’s in the detail. It’s important to look at each component of OEE and the data that comes from each step along your line to understand exactly what’s going on in your factory.

    Product inspection equipment suppliers can help manufacturers improve OEE. To find out more download Mettler Toledo’s white paper ‘Improve OEE with Inline Metal Detection’.

    ¹ http://www.oee.com/world-class-oee.html

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