• 20 FEB 18

    Bury Black Pudding

    Metal Detection Equipment Helps Manufacturer Protect its Reputation for High-quality Puddings

    The Bury Black Pudding Company is a British Retail Consortium (BRC) “A Star” certified manufacturer, selling the finest quality black puddings to the UK and international food markets.

    To comply with the latest global food safety standards, protect consumers and safeguard its brand reputation, the company invested in two METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detectors – an HDS Pipeline system and a bespoke Profile Advantage conveyorised system. The HDS Pipeline system is used to inspect clipped black and white pudding products prior to filling, while the Profile Advantage inspects packaged products including large pudding rings and frozen slices.

    Easy Integration and Maximum Sensitivity

    The HDS Pipeline system was chosen due to its ease of integration. High levels of detection sensitivity and equipment stability, combined with ease of use allow the solution to be fully integrated with the existing Handtmann vacuum filling machine on the production line. What’s more, the system can be fully stripped down and is sealed to IP69K, making it ideal for harsh washdown conditions.

    Superior Performance in Challenging Applications

    Increasing demand to supply trade customers with traditional black pudding rings led The Bury Black Pudding Company to build a new production line specifically for these products. Unlike the vacuum-filled clipped sleeve products, the traditional pudding rings are inspected after final packaging in order to meet retailer requirements. In addition, the company needed to inspect frozen products to meet the demands of new export customers.

    Both characteristics – fresh (‘wet’ product) and frozen state – can prove challenging for traditional metal detection technology due to a phenomenon called ‘product effect’₁. However, using Multi-Simultaneous Frequency and Product Signal Suppression technology, the Profile Advantage is able to overcome product effect. This allows it to detect irregular-shaped metal contaminants up to 50 percent smaller in challenging applications.

    “We’re really impressed with the Profile Advantage system,” reveals Richard Morris, Production Director at The Bury Black Pudding Company. “It just works. Product changeovers are quick and simple. It’s very reliable and easy to use.”

    Click here to read the case study in full and discover how the metal detectors are simultaneously helping the company:

    • Meet retailer code of practice requirements
    • Minimise production costs
    • Increase production line uptime
    • Eliminate false rejects, and
    • Minimise product waste

    Product effect occurs when the product’s own characteristics inhibit the ability of the product inspection equipment to perform optimally. Products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooling, or packed in metallised film exhibit product effect, so inspection by a metal detector can prove challenging.

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