• 21 MAR 18

    Anuga FoodTec Day 2 – It goes round and round at the booth

    V2410 Vision Inspection

    One of the things we love about trade shows is having the opportunity to show how our product inspection equipment works in person. Our booth at Anuga Foodtec (Hall 5.2, Booth B018/A02) is the best place to discover all the benefits our Vision Inspection Systems can provide for your business.

    We will give you a hands-on tour of our systems so you can really see how our Vision Inspection Systems can support your needs.

    One of the systems you can take a look at is our V2410 Mosaic inspection system, designed for inspection of round products.

    As a 360° inspection system, the V2410 can perform a myriad of package inspections, helping to avoid costly reworking of products at the production site or costly returns of already delivered goods. Products undergo a complete final inspection of label, print, and closure. Our easy-to-use and intuitive CIV Core software is at the heart of the V2410 solution helping producers to protect their brand and reduce the risk of production errors.

    – Ensuring correct labeling

    Checking that the right labels are on the right products by verifying label presence and contents as well as the reading of 1D/2D codes and graphical features.

    – Checking best before dates and LOT numbers

    Verification (OCR / OCV) of print for internal traceability of the production lot and best-before date, as assurance of freshness for the end consumer.

    – Eliminating packaging defects, Ensuring flawless appearance

    Ensuring correct label positioning and freedom of quality defects such as wrinkles, lifting corners and other damage as well as checking package closures and tamper evident devices.

    Frank Borrmann, Market Manager – Demonstrating Product Inspection Equipment

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